Spells & Potions

Jumping Potion



2.Pine needles.

3.Something from a thing

that jumps high.



Put ingredients in gently mix until water turns grey/green. Whistle a short tune then apply on legs.

After an hour your jumps will be  improved.


Energy Potion


1.Clear bead.

2.Bottle cap or pop can top.

3.Small piece of paper.

4.Stir (Optional)



Mix ingredients in water clap three times

wait 2 minutes then drink.

In 10 minutes you will have more energy then ever.


Love Potion


1. A flower

2. Water


Mix flower in water and close your eyes and say “My true love will come to me, no doubt about it i will see through coals and fire he/she will through the waves of the shining sea, he/she will come around the corner and see me, love at first sight.

And in about 2 days people will be more attracted to you.


Love potion #2


1. A flower.

2. 9 of hearts playing card.

3. Ashes.

4. Hair from the person you want to fall in love with

5. A ring

6. Candle

7. Water


Put Ingredients in water stir and hum a beautiful tune for 5 minutes then let sit for 30 minutes then drink.

The next kiss you have will probably be with your true love.


Luck Spell


1. A flower

2. A mirror

3. Water

4. Towel

5. Tape


Wet towel with water Rub the flower gently on wet towel. Tape flower to mirror. Clean reflective part with the wet towel.

Then chant while looking in mirror: Luck and luckiness    X3

Then you will find money everywhere.











If any of you magic lovers want to post a spell or potion on this page email me your recipe(s) at delia@deliaquick.com.



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