Magic Stories

The Little Winged-Wolf

Part One-The Wolf Pup

Me and my big sister Dyalix Went out to find food for our family. I went one way and Dyalix went the other. I had found myself a blueberry bush. I called my big sister Dyalix “I found blueberries!” I called. Dyalix ran over to help me pick blueberries. All of the sudden we heard a howling from the sky. We looked up to see a winged-wolf trying to fly. It started to fall and yelp. We tried to catch it. But it was no use. We heard a splash. It had landed in a river. We Grabbed a big log and put it in the river. We got in it and made our way towards the winged-wolf.

Part Two-Saving wings

We finally reached him and looked ahead. There was a water fall. I froze, water falls scare me. We both screamed while cuddling the winged-wolf Then. we looked up at the winged-wolf. and then we looked down, To find ourselves in the air. It took us home, We grasped it’s fur tightly we landed but we did not know it we kept holding on until Dyalix said “Uh Liz, We’re safe.” We stand up, we head over to the cave that our family lived in. I turned around to see the wolf crying. “Dyalix, can we keep him, Please” I whined “I don’t know little sis, you would have to ask momma and papa” I run to the cave as fast a lightning bolt. “Momma Papa! come outside!” I said as I grab their hands and drag them outside “Well he looks cute” Papa said just then he spread his wings momma and papa were surprised “We’re keeping him, For sure” Momma said.” Momma, Papa, Really?” “Yes liz” THE END.




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  • By shade, January 30, 2013 @ 7:50 pm

    this cood ous some work

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